How to Finance Dental Care With Bad Credit

Financing dental procedures can be difficult for those with bad credit
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Dental procedures can be expensive and even if you have insurance, many procedures or fees may not be covered. If your credit is not good, secure a loan for the balance of the dental procedure may be difficult. Do not be discouraged if you do not have a good credit, because there are options available to help finance your dental work.

Step 1

Negotiate a payment plan with your dentist.
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Negotiate a payment plan with your dentist. Inquire about a payment plan that will allow you to make payments to the dentist for the balance of your service. If the dentist agrees to a payment plan, consider placing a down payment on your balance to show your willingness to pay. Inquire about in-house financing that many dentist offices have available to their patients that is not dependent on your credit status.

Step 2

You may apply online for many payday loans, and the money is deposited directly into your checking account.
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Obtain a payday loan. You can obtain a payday loan without a credit check. You must show proof of a valid checking account and substantial income based on the amount that you are requesting. Expect the payday loan balance to be due in two weeks on your next payday. Most payday loan companies offer an extension on the due date, but a fee is charged. You may apply online for many payday loans, and the money is deposited directly into your checking account.

Step 3

Obtain a high interest loan
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Obtain a high interest loan. Some companies cater to individuals with bad credit, and charge higher than normal interest rates. Inquire about reduced interest rates if you make more than the minimum payment.

Step 4

Obtain a loan using a co-signer. Seek the help of a friend or relative who may have good credit and use them as a co-signer to secure a loan. Using a co-signer that has good credit can help you obtain a loan at a low interest rate.


If you negotiate a payment plan with the dentist and expect to be late on a payment, contact the dentist immediately and advise the dentist of your intent to pay.

Research any potential loan agency with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that it is reputable.


If you use a co-signer to secure a loan and are late making payments, co-signer’s credit rating will be affected because the payments are reported to the credit bureaus.