CHIP Income Guidelines for Texas

CHIP Income Guidelines for Texas
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Texas takes care of children's health for low-income families residing in the state. Children's Health Insurance Program or CHIP and Medicaid are the major programs available. CHIP provides health insurance for families who cannot qualify for Medicaid but who cannot afford other health insurance.


Family income is the basis for enrollment and copayment for the CHIP program. Qualifications in 2019 require that a child be under the age of 18, a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident and a Texas resident. A pregnant woman qualifies at any age to apply for CHIP perinatal services.

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Family of Two

A family of two (adult plus child) with a monthly income of $2,833 or annual income of $33,990 can potentially qualify for CHIP insurance coverage for a child. Vaccinations and well-child visits to the doctor are free with CHIP coverage as of 2019. Children may have a 90-day waiting period before coverage begins after previous health insurance coverage, but exceptions to this rule show on the CHIP Medicaid website.


Family of Three

Three in the family may meet the CHIP qualifications with income below $3,573 per month or $42,874 per year. Enrollment fees for CHIP depend on family income, but are less than $50 each year. Co-pays for doctor visits and prescription drugs are $3 to $5 each for lower-income families and $20 to $35 each for higher-income families, according to the website in 2019. You must apply for CHIP and provide proof of expenses and income to qualify for children's health insurance.


Family of Four

The highest income for a family of four to qualify for CHIP is $4,314 per month or $51,578 per year. In comparison, a family of four can make $2,854 a month or $34,248 a year to qualify for Medicaid.

Family of Five

A family of five can make $5,054 monthly or $60,642 yearly and may still qualify for CHIP insurance for the children.


Family of Six

Income limits for a family of six may be as high as $5,794 a month or $69,526 a year.

Additional Considerations

Anyone living with a child can apply for CHIP in Texas. CHIP covers preexisting conditions and mental health issues. It allows a choice of doctors and also covers dental care and eye examinations. CHIP covers special health needs for children as well. CHIP perinatal coverage provides health care for pregnant women and extends 12 months, insuring mother and child. The Texas Health Options website has more health insurance options if you cannot qualify for CHIP insurance.