Are There Any Dental Payments Plans Without a Credit Check?

Payment options are available for costly dental care.

Some dental procedures can have a large price tag. Many dentists have payment plans to help patients offset the initial cost of fillings, crowns and bridges, but most are subject to credit approval. Patients with challenged credit still have options.


There are two available options for dental payment plans: credit-based payment plans and plans made directly with the dentist requiring no credit check. Credit-based plans will extend credit to borrowers, sometimes even credit challenged borrowers, for their procedures. Payment plans are worked out in advance with a dentist.

Payment Plans

Dentists who offer in-house payment plans with no credit check also require that patients schedule appointments for recurring treatments, so the dentist can collect on the balance. For example, a patient who needs a crown and several fillings might be scheduled for the crown first—the most expensive part of the treatment—and pay portions on the crown in recurring required visits for the fillings.

Dental Insurance and Discount Plans

Some dentists are more inclined to provide payment plans if you have good insurance or a dental discount plan, which guarantees partial upfront payment by the insurer. This possibility varies based on provider and plan.


Not all dentists will work out a payment plan for patients with challenged credit, because payment isn't assured for completed services. When credit is a concern, discuss payment plans with your dentist before the appointment to find out the available options.