How to Locate the Medicaid Office

If you want to apply for Medicaid, or have a general question regarding the program and your benefits, you can contact the administering agency. Medicaid is a federal program, but is administered at the state level. Depending on your state, there may be various county offices or one central location.

Step 1: Federal Website

Visit Medicaid's federal website to find the Medicaid office in your state. Click on your state, and you will be taken to the state website.


The federal government sets minimum standards for Medicaid, but states are required to establish their own guidelines relating to services and eligibility. You can obtain general data on the federal website, but contact the administering agency if you have state-specific questions.

Step 2: State Website

From your state's website, search for the agency's contact information, which may include several ways to reach the agency such as:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Fax
  • In person

Read the contact data carefully, as there may be special requirements. For example, your state may have separate phone numbers for contacting customer support with case-specific questions, and for obtaining answers to general questions. If the state has many locations, based on county, you can find the office nearest you on the state website.


If your state has one central location, you may need to submit your application online or by mail or phone. There may be a standard toll-free and in-state phone number for you to call with questions.

Step 3: No Internet Access

If you don't have Internet Access, you can locate your local Medicaid office by:

  • Searching a telephone book or other printed materials, such as the Yellow Pages, previous mailings you've received from the program, and your original sign-up documents
  • Using phone directory assistance, though a fee may apply


Medicaid offices have specific hours of operations. If you need live support, contact the agency during its staffed hours.