How to Get Unemployment Benefits Even When Fired

If you are fired from your job, you may still be eligible for unemployment benefits. Being fired does not disqualify you from benefits in certain situations. Instances in which you can be fired and still collect benefits include being laid off, being discharged when work is still available and quitting (if a good cause can be shown). When you apply for benefits, the state unemployment office will ask you and your past employer why you are no longer employed.


Step 1

Gather any evidence to prove that when you were fired, it was not due to something you did, such as misconduct on the job. Such evidence can include emails or a list of witnesses.

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Step 2

Apply for unemployment benefits in your state. Application options vary by state, but can include filing online, by phone or in person. The website has websites for each state's unemployment office (see Resource). On the website for your state, you will find your application options. To apply for unemployment, you'll need your work history for the past 18 months.


Step 3

Wait to see if you are awarded unemployment benefits. Typically, you can expect to get your award determination letter within two weeks of your application. If you are not approved, you will be given a reason why and instructions on how you can appeal the decision. Instructions vary by state. If you do have to appeal a declined application, use the evidence that you have gathered to support your position.




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