How to Refinance Your Car With USAA

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If the United States Automobile Association offers a lower interest rate than you are currently paying on your car loan, refinancing might save you money. USAA financing is reserved for military members and veterans that honorably served the country. You may also be eligible if your spouse has honorably served or if your parent has or had a USAA account. If you aren't a member, you'll need to register online. Provide your identification information, including your name, address and Social Security number. You'll need to confirm eligibility by providing the service information, including branch, rank and dates of service.


Contact Information

If you're a USAA member, you can log into your account online at to complete the refinance application online. If you prefer to speak to a representative, call 800-531-8722 or dial #USAA (8722) from your mobile phone. You can select the chat option to connect to an agent online Monday through Friday.


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The Process

You need the name of the lender holding your current loan, the loan number and the exact payoff amount, including interest and fees. You'll also need to provide your employment and income information. Include all sources of income. With your consent, USAA will run a credit check. Eligibility is determined within 60 seconds. If approved, you can sign the new loan documents electronically on your USAA account. If you choose not to e-sign, USAA will mail you the documents and you'll need to sign and mail them back. Once the documents are signed and received, USAA sends a check to the current lender to pay off the loan. The lender will process the payment and close the loan, and your USAA loan will take its place. According to the USAA website, the entire process usually takes about three to five business days.