How to Cancel AARP Insurance

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is an organization that serves members age 50 and older. It offers numerous types of insurance, including health, automobile, homeowners, and life insurance. If you, however, decide you want to cancel your AARP insurance, you can do so easily by speaking with a customer service representative.


Step 1

Call AARP's customer service hotline (1-888-687-2277) and follow the prompts within the menu to reach a customer service representative.

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Step 2

Provide the AARP customer service representative with your AARP account number so he can access your account information.


Step 3

Ask the customer service representative to cancel your AARP insurance, and shortly thereafter you should receive an email confirmation of cancellation of your insurance.



You may need to provide proof of alternative automobile insurance if you are attempting to cancel your AARP auto insurance, because most states require that car owners carry a minimum auto insurance coverage on their vehicles.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone

  • AARP account number

  • Email account

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