How to Locate an American Express Office

How to Locate an American Express Office
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Step 1

Call American Express at its toll-free number for customer service: 800-528-4800. Tell the customer service representative what you need and ask for the location of an office near you or your travel destination offering the service.

Step 2

Visit the American Express Travel website. Find an office by entering your ZIP code or desired location on the homepage. Use the advanced search options to filter the results and find the service you need.

Step 3

Contact the Global Assist Hotline if you are an American Express cardholder. The number is 800-327-2177. Representatives help travelers navigate medical, legal and financial situations.

Step 4

Write a letter. American Express will respond to your inquiry about office locations by postal mail. Send your letter to: American Express, P.O. Box 981540, El Paso, TX 79998.