How to Deposit a Third Party Business Check

Deposit a third-party check according to your bank's guidelines.

Many banks refuse to accept third-party checks due to an increase in financial scams. However, your chances of cashing a third-party check are better if you take the check to a bank at which you have an account. The bank must be able to verify the identity of the payee and ascertain that the business is legitimate. The third party is liable for the full amount of the check if it is fraudulent.


Step 1

Have the payee endorse the back of the check to you. He must write "Pay to the order of" and write your name.

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Step 2

Have the payee sign beside or beneath the endorsement. Sign the business check under the payee's endorsement and signature.


Step 3

Take the business check to a teller at your bank. You may have to present the check in the company of the payee. The bank may request the payee's proof of identity or an endorsement guarantee before it is willing to accept the business check and deposit it into your account.



If your bank refuses to accept the check, you can take it to the payer's bank or to a check cashing service.



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