How to Activate SBI Internet Banking

How to Activate SBI Internet Banking
Online banking with State Bank of India is simple.

Step 1

Go to the OnlineSBI website and download the Internet Banking Registration Form. Fill out the form.

Step 2

Visit the branch where you opened your account and present the completed form. You must visit the branch in person.

Step 3

Wait for your user ID and password to arrive by mail. These will come in two separate mailings.

Step 4

Return to once you receive your user ID and password. Click on the "Personal Banking" or "Corporate Banking" tab, depending on your account type. Read the initial web page as prompted, then click on the tab that says "Continue to Login" on the bottom of your screen.

Step 5

Type your user ID and password in the corresponding boxes, then click "Login" to begin banking online.

Step 6

Create a personal user ID and password during your first login. Users must change their ID and password when they log into their account for the first time.