How to Use Credit/Debit Cards at the Gas Pump

Paying for gas with credit/debit card

The ability to purchase gas via credit/debit card, at the pump, is beneficial for those who do not have cash available, need a receipt for work purposes, are using credit to build their credit file and those who, simply, do not want to walk into the store to pay for the gas. Using a credit/debit card at the gas pump is an option available at most gas stations.


Step 1

Pull up to the gas pump and verify the pump accepts credit/debit cards. Look for a slot on the pump that allows you to insert your credit card. If you do not see a credit card slot on the pump, this means you will have to pay inside with the station attendant.

Step 2

Look to see if the pump asks if you prefer to pay outside or inside. If so, select outside. Slide your credit/debit card into the slot. Most pumps will show you an image of how to slide the card in. If the pump cannot read your card, ensure you are inserting the card properly. Make sure you slide the card in and out quickly.


Step 3

Enter the zip code that your statement is mailed to. If using a debit card, you may be asked to enter the pin number. Select the type of gas you wish to purchase and pump gas as usual. Return the nozzle to the pump and collect your receipt.


Some stations do not ask for your zip code. Some stations will not ask for your pin number if using a debit card. The zip code requested is the zip code that you statement is mailed to.


When using a debit card at a station and you are not required to enter your pin, your bank may place a hold on funds. This hold varies by the gas retailer. (See Resource 1)

Things You'll Need

  • Credit or debit card

  • Billing address zip code


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