How to Use a Gas Card at the Pump

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Gas cards provide you with flexibility and convenience. By being able to pay at the pump, you are able to get on your way a bit more quickly and keep a little cash in your pocket. When you are between pay days, having a gas card can be a lifesaver. Know the basics about your gas card, and you will ensure you are able to fuel your car and get to your next destination.


Step 1

Determine what kind of gas card you have. Some gas cards can only be used at the gas station franchise. For example, if you have a Chevron/Texaco gas card you can only go to Chevron and Texaco gas stations to pump gas to use that card. Other gas cards may allow you to use multiple gas chains if they are all under the same parent company.


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Step 2

Check the gas pump to determine if there is a terminal built into the gas pump to accept credit and gas cards. The majority of gas stations do accept gas cards, but there are some that do not. Check for a credit card slot and a picture of the credit and gas cards that are accepted. If they are not mounted near the gas pumps, they are usually on the store's front door.


Step 3

Insert your gas card into the credit card slot based on directions at the pump. The credit card must be inserted a certain way for the magnetic strip to be in read by the computer. Watch the screen. It will usually tell you to insert and withdraw the card quickly.

Step 4

Locate the LCD computer screen to determine if there are any security questions the computer needs to verify your identity. The computer may ask for your ZIP code, based on the billing address where your gas card billing statement is mailed. Type that information into the built-in keypad at the gas terminal.



Step 5

Select the grade of gas you would like, remove the nozzle and start pumping your gas. Make sure the on-screen instructions tell you to select your grade of gas. Begin pumping. If you begin too soon, you may have to repeat the entire process.

Step 6

Pump the amount of gas you need. Be sure to obtain a printed receipt from the gas terminal for accurate record keeping.



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