How to Send Money From China to the United States

Send money from China to the U.S.

Sending money from one country to another used to be a hassle and would take a long time. With today's modern technologies and advanced financial systems, individuals can quickly and easily transfer money from almost anywhere in the world. There are several possible methods available for individuals in China who wish to send funds to the United States, with some options more convenient than others.

Step 1

Figure out the exact amount of money you wish to transfer to China. With cash, use the MoneyGram or Western Union transfer service for the most convenient transfer, but also consider the transfer fee. As of 2010, the MoneyGram fee is $11 (U.S. currency) for the first $500 transferred, and an extra $5 for each additional $500. Western Union's transfer fee is $12 for the first $200 transferred from China, and $30 for amounts above $200.

Step 2

Visit a local MoneyGram or Western Union location in your area or find a participating bank. The Bank of China and the China CITIC Bank as well as many other agents are available worldwide. You can also visit the MoneyGram website or the Western Union web page to locate the nearest agent.

Step 3

Ask to the MoneyGram, Western Union or bank agent for a money transfer from China to the United States. Complete the required forms and provide the agent with a personal identification card or passport.

Step 4

Hand the agent the exact amount, in cash, that you wish to send from China to the United States, and do not forget to add in the amount required for the transfer fee. Copy down the transfer reference code that is provided by the agent.

Step 5

Ask a friend or relative in the United States to receive the money transfer and give your contact your complete name and the reference number that the MoneyGram, Western Union or bank agent provided. Inform your friend or relative that they must visit one of the many MoneyGram or Western Union locations in the United States, provide the agent with the transfer reference code and a form of personal I.D. and complete the necessary "Recipient" form to acquire the money. Your transfer is usually available within ten minutes of receiving the transfer reference code.


Avoid paying transfer fees by opening a checking account in China with HSBC or Citibank and depositing money into this account. You can then visit an HSBC or Citibank branch in the United States to withdraw the money. The process of opening a bank account in China can take a week or more and waiting for a deposit to clear may take even longer, so only use this method if you do not require the money transfer to be expedited quickly.

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