2 Clever Ways to Save Money at Sephora

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We're all about the money-saving tricks, and we assume you are too. Because saving money is WAY more fun than not saving money, especially when you're getting the exact same product for cheaper. Which basically means FREE MONEY!

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There's a secret trick involving JCPenney and Sephora that is about to become a little less secret, but still just as awesome. It's a shopping hack that can save you hundreds of dollars with just a little extra effort. And it's all about getting the biggest bang for your buck at Sephora.

Here's are two options:

Check out Raise.com

On raise.com, unwanted gift cards are sold at a lower price (you can also download the app).

For example, you can buy a $150 Sephora gift card for around $138, saving you $12. The same goes for $25 gift cards, except you'll only be saving a few dollars. But hey — saving is saving.

Buy a JCPenney gift card before hitting up Sephora

Or if you want to save even MORE money, check out the discount JCPenney gift cards — you'll be able to find discounts up to 20%.

To redeem your discounted gift cards, either order online or go to any JCPenney with a Sephora inside, and buy all the beauty products your little shopper heart desires.

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