How to Redeem Discover Card Points

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Every time you make a purchase with your Discover card, you receive a cashback bonus. Accumulate a sufficient amount, and you can redeem your bonus. You'll find your current cashback bonus amount included in every monthly statement. Minimum amounts are required for redemption, but as long as you meet that sum, you don't have to redeem the entire balance at once. Redeem your points online or through an automated system by calling 1-800-DISCOVER.

Redeeming Points

You automatically earn cash back with every purchase, but can earn additional money by signing up online with Discover for its quarterly promotions in certain categories. These categories might include apparel, restaurants and travel, or specific merchants. Once your cash-back award totals $50, you have several options for redemption. These include having the money credited to your Discover card account or transferred to your bank account. Or, you can donate the award to charity. Add another $5 to the award if you opt to redeem it for certain merchant gift cards. Even before you hit the $50 minimum, some retailers -- including Amazon -- let you pay for full or partial purchases with your cash-back bonus.