How to Write Checks on a Computer

Using personal finance computer software is an easy and convenient way to keep your accounts in order. These programs will also typically offer check printing from home. Although there are many different types of software for this purpose, one of the most widely used is Intuit Quicken. According to a September 2009 article in the "San Jose Mercury News," Intuit is one of the largest providers of personal and small business financial software, selling $3.2 billion in software with a profit of $447 million in 2009. Furthermore, Quicken allows the user to print the payee's name, address and the amount on the check, then records the transaction information in the check register.


Step 1

Open the checking account in Quicken. Make sure it is the account you wish to extract funds from.

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Step 2

Click "Cash Flow" on the menu bar, then click on "Write Checks." The "Write Checks" window will appear. This window can also be accessed by clicking on the "Check" button in the toolbar.


Step 3

Fill in the check information as you would when writing a regular check. You will enter the date, payee name, amount and memo (optional) of the check. If you plan on using window envelopes to send a bill, there is the option to enter the name and address of the payee in the bottom left of the check.


Step 4

Click on the dropdown box next to "Categories" and choose the proper category for the printing of the check. These categories will already have been established when you set up your Quicken account. For example, a category might the name of a specific bill. If the check fits into more than one category, click the "Split" button and enter the second category.


Step 5

Click the "Record Check" button. This will send the check automatically into the "Checks to Print" queue.

Step 6

Go to "File" > "Printer Setup" > "Printing Checks." The check printer setup window will appear. Choose the correct options for printer and check type.


Step 7

Place the check in the printer and adjust the paper holder tabs as necessary.

Step 8

In the "Num" column next to the check in the Print queue, click on "Print."

Things You'll Need

  • Intuit Quicken

  • Printer

  • Blank checks