How to Deposit Traveler's Checks

If you have ever done any domestic or international travel, you have probably used traveler's checks at least once. Traveler's checks are as good as cash in most venues and provide a person with easy access to cash when a bank branch is not available. For the traveler, the process of using the checks is as simple as signing the check and handing it over. But perhaps you are running a business and have encountered visitors who wish to use traveler's check. Depositing the check is just as easy as using them for purchases.


Depositing Traveler's Checks

Step 1

Ensure that all of the checks have been dated and countersigned by the payer (the person who gave the check)

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Step 2

Endorse the check by signing or stamping it in the designated area.


Step 3

Go to your bank branch and fill out deposit slips for the checks as you would a normal check.

Step 4

Deposit the checks.

Step 5

Wait the required number of days as dictated by your bank to ensure that the checks have cleared.


It is best to watch the payer sign the check and afterwards compare the fresh signature to the original on the check.


Beware of those who may try to pass off counterfeit traveler's checks or who refuse to sign them as instructed.