How to Make $100 A Day Or More With Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers allows users to rate answers provided by other users.

Internet marketers are always looking for ways to drive people to their blogs and affiliate sites in an effort to sell digital and physical products. The more traffic a blog or website receives, the more revenue the site earns through affiliate sales. Yahoo Answers has given Internet marketers another way to build traffic. It's a community-based site that allows users to ask questions and be answered by other users. Making money with Yahoo Answers takes time because you have to build trust within the community. You can't just add links to your website and affiliate sites, but must provide useful information.


Step 1

Register an account with Yahoo Answers. You will need to have a Yahoo account to ask or answer questions. Yahoo Answers rates users by how many legitimate answers they have provided. You can't post live links in your answers until you have reached level 2 in Yahoo Answers.

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Step 2

Find questions related to your niche, and provide useful answers. If you have a blog about personal finance and you're promoting finance ebooks on your website, find questions in Yahoo Answers that relate to finance. Provide quality answers without including your live link.


Step 3

Sign up for a Google Adsense account. Google Adsense allows you to place ads related to your niche on your website. You are paid a certain amount of money each time a visitor clicks on an ad.

Step 4

Apply to participate in a CPA program. CPA stands for cost per action. Once you are accepted, you are allowed to place CPA banners on your site. When a visitor clicks on a CPA banner, he is asked to fill in his personal information, such as name and email address. Each time a visitors submits information, you are paid.


Step 5

Sign up for an account with an affiliate product marketplace. Click Bank is an online company that allows individuals to sign up as affiliates to promote digital products. Commission Junction and Amazon allow affiliates to sign up and promote physical products. You earn a commission each time a product is sold that you're promoting.



Step 6

Create an affiliate link on your website. When you sign up with Click Bank, Commission Junction or Amazon, you are given a link to the product you've chosen to promote. You must add the link to your website. When people go to your website, they will have the opportunity to purchase the product you're promoting.


Step 7

Search in Yahoo Answers for questions that are easily answered with the suggestion of useful products. For example, if someone is asking about the best book on investing in stocks, you can provide a useful answer containing a link to your site that promotes books on stock investing. This is done after you reach Level 2 in Yahoo Answers.


You must consistently answer questions to gain the trust of users in the community.

Things You'll Need

  • Yahoo Answers accounts

  • Affiliate product

  • CPA offer


Don't spam Yahoo by creating many different accounts to post answers. This will get you banned.

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