How to Buy Nike Stock

Nike stock can be purchased from a broker, online or through a direct buy program. Prior to purchase, conduct research on the financial health and stability of the company. Start by consulting Nike's annual report, but don't rely on this document alone. Compare its contents with expert analysis of Nike's financial health and performance, typically found in trade periodicals such as the Wall Street Journal.


Broker and Online Purchase

The first step in investing in Nike stock is knowing the company's stock symbol: NKE. You can purchase the stock from an online brokerage firm, such as Charles Schwab and E-Trade, or use an individual broker. Purchasing stock online usually is less expensive than using an independent broker.

Direct Buy Program

You also have the option of purchasing company stock through Nike's direct buy program, administered by Computershare. Contact Computershare by phone at (800) 756-8200, or by mail at Computershare, P.O. Box 43081, Providence, RI 02940-3081. Request enrollment materials for the Computershare Investment Plan. New and current shareholders can purchase Nike stock through this plan.


Annual Report

Prior to purchasing the stock, obtain the company's annual report. Nike makes the report available on the investor page of its website. The report details the company's performance using a variety of indicators. Revenue performance represents how much revenue, in millions, Nike generated during a specific year. For example, in its 2014 annual report, Nike reported earnings of $27,799 million. To provide perspective, Nike also lists earnings for the previous four years of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, which reflect a 5-year compound annual growth rate of 8 percent, or $18,528 million in revenue. Other performance indicators disclosed in the report include earnings per share, return on investment capital and stock performance over a five-year period.


Industry Trade Periodicals

In addition to obtaining Nike's annual report, consult financial journals, such as the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger and Bloomberg. They provide an independent, objective view of Nike's overall financial health and often predict how well or poorly Nike stock is expected to perform in the future. Consulting these resources can help you decide how much risk you're willing to take on, as represented by the number of stocks you purchase and how long you hold onto them.