The Average PartyLite Consultant Salary

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You may have heard of the PartyLite company, which is widely known for its home décor products, specifically its candles. PartyLite consultants also sell a variety of accessories, like candle bases, stands, sconces and more; there are also fragrance sticks, car fresheners, sprays and flame-free options. PartyLite products are not sold in retail stores, though; their salespeople make their sales through the company website and parties.


PartyLite Consultant Description

PartyLite consultants earn money through commissions on sold products and for recruiting new consultants. You have to join their affiliate or VIP affiliate program to qualify for the commissions, and then start marketing and making sales. Through the affiliate program, a consultant can share their unique affiliate Link onto the main PartyLite website, and when customers make purchases there, commissions are paid based on sales volume. Consultants can also add additional affiliates to create a team and earn commissions on those sales as well.


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Many of these salespeople also have large social media followings, which is another way to gain sales. Home parties are also a big part of this job, and the consultants have guidelines they can follow for the best results. The parties can be big or small, and in addition to setting them up, demonstrating and selling the products, these salespeople also try to recruit new PartyLite consultants. This can earn them more commissions. A consultant's success depends on how determined they are; hosting a lot of parties, maintaining the website and networking are all key.

PartyLite Consultant Education Requirements

There is no formal education required to be a PartyLite consultant, but a sales background could be very helpful. The company provides extensive literature about how to sell the products successfully, as well as ongoing training opportunities. To join their affiliate program, you will have to pay ​$49.90​ annually, but there are no website or maintenance fees. This entitles you to a ​20 percent​ discount on purchases, and whenever someone makes a purchase from your unique link, you receive a commission. The company explains that its commission structure is such that the more you sell, the more you earn.


Best Lifetime Income outlines how the program is not a pyramid scheme, but that it is a multi-level marketing company (MLM). They also explain that new affiliates can purchase a "Sign Me Up Kit" for ​$49​, a "Quick Start Kit" for ​$99​ or a "Deluxe Starter Kit" for ​$350​. PartyLite consultants also get a ​25 percent discount​ on products purchased for parties, but to become eligible for direct purchase commissions at parties, consultants must rack up at least ​$500​ in sales per month. That ​25 percent discount​ translates into profit for the consultant, and anyone who sells at least ​$2,300​ of products gets another ​5 to 7 percent​ on top of that.


PartyLite Consultant Industry

The team at Beastpreneur claims that PartyLite does not publish any income disclosure statements, but the company does pay their consultants their earned commissions through their "PartyLite Pay" system. This can transfer money into your bank account, Venmo or PayPal. Through their website, affiliates can earn ​15 percent​ on sales up to ​$250​ and up to ​35 percent​ on sales up to ​$5,000​ (in one month).

Thus, if a consultant sold ​$5,000​ worth of PartyLite products in one month, they would earn around ​$1,750 that month​. The team at Career Bliss posts that the average PartyLite consultant salary is ​$31,000​ a year.


As a new consultant, you could earn around ​$250​ if you sold ​$1,000​ in products. If you manage to recruit more salespeople, you will also earn on what they sell. The company also gives out product rewards from time to time, which can add to your earnings. Consultants who get at least four other people to join their teams get higher commissions, which can be up to ​38 percent​.

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