How to Make a Payment to Honda Finance Online

Honda Finance is the program designed to help people buy and finance Honda vehicles. Managing your Honda Finance account is made easier through online accounts, where you can make payments online, view your transaction history and statements as well as update your account profile information from your own computer. Making a payment to Honda Finance online only requires the existence of a Honda Finance account.

Step 1

Go to "Honda Finance" (See References) and click on "Register for Owner Link" to register for an online account.

Step 2

Input your basic information, such as your name, email address, desired user name and password, and your Honda finance account number, which you can find on your billing statement.

Step 3

Activate your account by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email address and logging into your new Honda Finance account using the username and password you created upon setup of your account.

Step 4

Click on "Make Payment," and enter the amount you would like to pay; or select "Pay in Full" to pay the full balance of your statement.

Step 5

Input your debit/credit card information to complete your payment.


Set up automatic payments by clicking on “Recurring Payments” and denoting how much you would like pay and on what day each month.


Ensure that you pay enough each month to maintain favorable account standing and avoid higher interest rates.

Things You'll Need

  • Honda Finance account

  • Email account

  • Debit/credit card