How to Make an Online Payment to State Farm Insurance

Many companies and business now allow you to make online payments. This includes your credit card companies, cable provider and even State Farm Insurance. Paying your State Farm Insurance statement online will save you time, take away the need for costly postage, and it is actually safer to do than mailing a check. Signing up for State Farm's online payment option only takes a few moments.

Step 1

Navigate to the State Farm Insurance online payment page. There is a link provided in the "Resources" section. You will need to sign up for the online service before you can begin paying your bills.

Step 2

Select the kind of Insurance you have from State Farm from the "Product Type" pull down menu. Click "Continue" to proceed.

Step 3

Fill out your registration information, such as your name, address, birthday and policy/account number (this can be found on the top of your monthly statement).

Step 4

Create a "Customer ID" and "Password." Your customer name must be at least five letters. You password will need to be at least eight symbols long with a combination of letters and numbers. Click "Continue" to move to the next step.

Step 5

Fill in your checking account information. This will be your routing number and bank number (the numbers found on the bottom of your check). This will complete the creation of your online account. The website will now take you to your billing statement.

Step 6

View your billing statement. You will be show exactly how much you owe. Select "Make Payment." From here you can type in the amount you would like to pay. Select your checking account from the forms of payment and select "Submit Payment." Your payment will now be submitted.


The next time you need to make an online payment, go to "" and type in the account name and password you created. This will take you to your account information page. You banking information will be saved as well so you won't need to retype it.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Internet Access

  • Policy Account Number

  • Bank Account Information

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