How to Get Adventureland Discount Coupons

Adventureland discount coupons are necessary if you want to save some money while having a good time. Adventureland is one of those timeless attractions that entertains young and old. It provides a full day of thrill rides, and includes water park. There are almost as many rides for young children as there are for adults. It is a fantastic way to spend the day or the weekend. The price, however, is less than desirable. It costs over $30 for an adult to attend. Adventureland discount coupons can actually save you quite a bit of cash if you know how to find them, and this article will do just that.

Adventureland discount coupons

Ask your employer (if you live near the park) if they can request a company discount. Adventureland discount coupons are available to employees of various organizations at substantial discounts. In fact, sometimes they are nearly 50 percent cheaper.

Call your local parks and recreations department and ask if they have Adventureland discount coupons. Again, this only works if you live close to the park (in Iowa somewhere).

Call the Polk county parks and recreations department, or the one in Des Moines if you don't live close by. Typically you can get at least $5 to $7 off admission if you can't get any other Adventureland discount coupons.

Let the park know when you buy a ticket at the gate that you have a disability, broken arm, or if you're pregnant. Although you may not have any Adventureland discount coupons, you can get a lower ticket price for those reasons.