Where to Buy Cheap Moving Boxes

Moving can be quite expensive, so you'll want to cut corners where you can. Instead of purchasing boxes through storage or moving companies, there are ways to find boxes through cheaper resources.


Consider grocery book and liquor stores that might give you boxes. Ask friends or neighbors who have recently moved, and check out home-improvement stores.


Larger boxes might seem like a good idea, but once they are full, they might be too heavy to lift. Get smaller boxes that will be more manageable during your move.


If you obtain used boxes from grocery stores or trash containers, be sure the inside is dry and insect-free. Check the seams of the boxes to make sure they are sturdy and can stand up to the weight of what you will be packing.


Doing the legwork to find free or cheap boxes will greatly help to reduce your moving costs.

Additional Resources

Search for boxes through classified ads online or in the newspaper. Often times boxes obtained online are given away for free.