How to Find A Cheap Place To Live

There is a lot of affordable housing.

Housing is one of your biggest expenses, so if you need to cut down on your expenses, find a cheaper place to live. Free is the optimal choice, but if you can't find free, find the cheapest possible.


Step 1

MOVE IN WITH A FRIEND OR RELATIVE - If you have someone that you can get along with who would benefit from your and/or your family living with them you should move in. Don't move in if you will be a burden. No rent or very low rent will really help you to save money, pay down your debts, pay off your credit cards or save for a down payment to buy a home.


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Step 2

RENT A ROOM - Rooms for rent can vary in price depending on the location, they type of home and how much of the home you can use. Normally you can use the bathroom and kitchen, sometimes you may be able to use the entire home. Try to find one that is in the $150.00 to $250.00 dollar range if possible.


Step 3

RENT AN APARTMENT - Try renting a cheap apartment. If you look around you can find one in your price range. Some apartments can be quite spacious.


Step 4

RENT A HOME - Rent for homes is much cheaper the farther away from the city you go. Try renting a home out in the country, it may be much cheaper than where you are now.



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