How to Get Manufacturers Vouchers for Free Products

Manufacturers' vouchers for complimentary or free products are a great way to try a new product without having to spend your own money. Many companies will allow you to print manufacturers' vouchers directly from their websites and use them in retail stores.


Step 1

Use the questions and comments phone number. This number is generally printed on the side or back of product boxes near the bottom. It's usually a toll free number that companies provide in order to answer questions and receive comments about their products. What most people don't know is that when you offer your comments, as a standard response many companies will send you manufacturers' vouchers through the mail as a show of thanks for your feedback.

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Step 2

Sign up to receive email alerts. Most companies allow you to sign up for email alerts on their websites. They will use your email to notify you about upcoming product releases and sales. In exchange for your email address, they will often send you links to print out manufacturers' vouchers and coupons for complimentary products.


Step 3

Don't forget to look inside the product boxes. Manufacturers commonly print vouchers and coupons inside of their product boxes to reward their loyal consumers. Many people just throw away the boxes without even checking, but this can be a mistake because there are often great coupons and vouchers waiting inside.

Step 4

Look carefully through magazines. Companies frequently print vouchers on the backside of their advertisements in magazines. These are often vouchers for free products, not just coupons. They usually save the free products for the magazines rather than the newspaper ads because magazines tend to attract a more targeted audience.


Step 5

Take a close look at your receipts. Many retail stores have separate machines that print out manufacturers vouchers, and the cashier will hand them to you along with your receipt. Most people don't pay attention to these and toss them in the trash, but many times they are for great complimentary products because they are targeted according to what you purchased that day.