How to Get Free Products From Companies

The Internet represents an inexhaustible range of ways in which to obtain free products. In addition to innumerable websites that exist for the purpose of helping consumers acquire groceries, clothing and other items for free, even the manufacturers offer mechanisms through which you may get their products without paying for them. You simply need to be willing and ready to cast your net far and wide enough to bring in the products that you desire.


Step 1

Visit freebie websites. Simply conduct a search for "freebies." One of the best freebie sites is, where you will find daily updates of free products available for anyone to claim. You may specify the products in which you are interested.

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Step 2

Join BzzAgent ( Through "campaigns" BzzAgent sends you a free product, such as a razor or a window cleaner — to try out. You use it, talk to your friends and family about whether you like the product and report your "bzz" back to BzzAgent. You also receive points that you can cash in for gift cards to major retailers when you report back to BzzAgent with your bzz.


Step 3

Get free products from SheSpeaks ( Like BzzAgent, SheSpeaks sends you free products to test and report back on, allowing you to keep the products for free. The site is for women only.

Step 4

Navigate top the websites of the manufacturers of products in which you are interested and check for free samples. For example, if you are interested in getting free diapers, check out and Both sites offer the option to sign up for newsletters, free samples and coupons. Companies love it when you check out their sites, and will often reward you for doing so by sending you free stuff.