How to Obtain a Series 6 License

A Series 6 license enables you to sell "packaged" investment products such as mutual funds, unit investment trusts and variable annuities (and indexed annuities in the future). Passing this 2-hour exam requires time, dedication and a fair amount of study.

Step 1

Find a broker-dealer who will sponsor you to take the test if possible. If you can, he may be willing to spring for the cost of the educational materials, as well as the exam itself. This is a form of employment, and you'll be required to use your license with this firm after you pass the test.

Step 2

Order your educational materials as soon as possible to give yourself as much time to study for the test as you can. Dearborn, Passtrak, STC and A.D. Banker have excellent study materials that thoroughly cover all of the questions you see on the Series 6 exam.

Step 3

Spend at least a month going over the material and take all of the review tests. Make certain that you're scoring consistently well on the practice tests before you schedule your real exam. Flash cards and study groups help.

Step 4

Call the Proctor testing site to schedule the exam. The study materials should have a toll-free number printed in their material. See Resources below.

Step 5

Go over the parts of the test that you failed if you didn't pass. Hit those areas hard until you master them, and then quickly reschedule while the material is fresh in your mind. After you pass the test, your broker-dealer will give you paperwork to complete. You will also have to pass the Series 63 exam before you can go into production.