Assistance With Paying for a GED

Getting your GED will open doors to jobs and allow you to continue your education.

According to Kankakee Community College, you can earn $2,040 more a year if you have your GED when compared to a high school dropout. Additionally, if you are considering going to college to get a degree you must have a diploma or a GED to attend school. Most community colleges offer classes to help you prepare for a GED. Once you have completed the classes you will be ready to take the test to obtain a GED.



Different programs offer GED classes to help people prepare to take the test. Some of these programs work one on one with a student focusing on the problem areas, while others offer general review classes to help people prepare. Many community colleges offer these classes for free or at a reduced rate. Church groups and community colleges offer GED classes to help people prepare. If you are taking them through a church group or a community center, they are usually less than $100 per class, at the time of publication. Ask whether the program provider is willing to offer you the classes for free if you meet specific income guidelines as well. Churches may be willing to offer discounts if you show a financial need.


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The GED test costs about $80, at the time of publication, although the fee does vary from state to state. The tests can be taken multiple times if you do not pass the first time, but you will need to pay the fee each time. Some states offer the tests for free. Check with your community college to find out where your local testing center is for the GED and the fees you will be required to pay. No grants are available to help you pay for the GED test, but you can ask the state's education department whether you qualify to have the fee waived if you have a low income.


Online Help

You can take free sample tests at,, and Additionally, you can take free GED classes online at,, or If you do not have a computer or Internet access at home, you can access the websites at your library with the free Internet and computers they offer. If you are already enrolled in a GED program through a community college and need extra practice, you should be able to access the additionally information through a computer lab on campus. This assistance could keep you from taking the GED (and paying a fee) more than once.


GED Process

Take a practice GED test first, so you can see which areas you need to improve to qualify for a GED. For example, you may do well on your math but you need to brush up on your science and history. This will allow you to focus your time in the review classes you take. Once you have completed your classes, sign up for the test and take it. If you must retake the test, only retake sections you did not initially pass. You will be charged only for those sections you take. The test is made up of five sections.