How to Learn How to Do Basic Document Control Work

Speaking to established professionals may be your best method of learning document control work.

Document control work is a form of information management. While performing this work, you will design and create systems to manage documents and electronic records. You also maintain document management systems created by you and others. According to O*NET OnLine, in 2009, the median wage for workers in this role was $77,100 per year or $37.02 per hour. You should understand the basic functions of this role before investing too much time and money into a formal education for it. You can learn how to do basic document control work by conducting research and applying what you learn to basic scenarios.


Step 1

Read books, magazines, websites and other industry-specific material to gain a textbook understanding of what document control work entails. Develop questions based on the material you read to ask current industry professionals.

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Step 2

Contact your local chapter of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) or the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) to reach out to current professionals for informational interviews. Request 30 minutes of a member's time to learn more about his day-to-day work processes. You may also want to request a tour of his office space to gain a feel for the typical work environment of this profession and get a visual of the typical equipment and software used.


Step 3

Take a class on information management to learn the software and other textbook processes usually associated with document control. Obtain class recommendations from the industry contacts you have made or through industry association chapter websites.

Step 4

Apply the information you have learned by testing it in your personal or volunteer activities. Organize your utility bills, health care receipts or other personal documents. Use database software that is easily accessible, whether it's on your personal computer, work computer or your local library's computers. Share your work with others familiar with document control so they can help you through your mistakes. Apply the processes to your work material once you have worked out the problems.


Further your knowledge and skills by pursuing a degree in information management, computer science, database administration or something similar.


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