How to Cash a Cashiers Check

A bank teller is assisting a customer.
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Cashier's checks are a reliable form of payment because they represent guaranteed funds. The purchaser pays the bank the cash, and the cashier issues and signs a check for the desired amount. Because the bank has been paid already, the receiver is drawing funds against the bank's account.


Cashing the Check

A cashier's check can be presented for payment at your financial institution, at the bank or credit union where it was issued, or many other facilities that offer check-cashing services. You'll have to endorse the check before cashing it, and your bank may request that you present identification to guard against fraud. In addition, your bank may not cash the check unless you have enough in the account to cover it in case it's not genuine. If you go to your bank and its policy doesn't allow you to walk away with the money, it has to make the funds available between one and five business days.

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