What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell a House?

When selling your house, there is a good amount of paperwork involved. Advance planning can help you reduce the stress associated with selling your home. Depending on whether you will sell the house yourself or get a Realtor will affect the paperwork involved. Either way, the basic paperwork will remain the same.

Property Disclosure

The property disclosure details any upgrades and repairs that you have made to your home. It also includes a detailed history of the house, including damages, square footage and property taxes paid.

Financial Records

These include any debt secured by your home.

Property Tax Records

Records of tax payments on the house and any pending property taxes.


You will need the title of your home to prove ownership.

Homeowner's By-Laws

If you live in a neighborhood with housing by-laws, prepare a copy of those and any other pertinent information related to the neighborhood association.


If you opt to get your house inspected, include copies of the inspection.