How to eat for free at Subway


Mmmmmmmmm. You gotta love Subway sandwiches. And they are healthy for you too! We've all seen Jared - that guy lost some serious weight! Although Subway's 5 dollar footlong promotion is great, wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a delicious Subway sandwich for free? Yeah, I think so too. This article will outline the steps you need to take to walking away with a free footlong sub from Subway.


Step 1

Go to Subway and order anything you would like. Before paying, ask for a Sub Club card. It's the same as a frequent diner card. It will allow you to accumulate points toward a free sub. Then have them swipe the card before making your purchase.

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Step 2

Go back to Subway a few more times, each time having them swipe your Sub Club card BEFORE paying. They are strict about this. If you forget to hand them your card before paying, they are unable to reverse the transaction and give you your Sub Club points.


Step 3

Once you've accumulated enough points for a footlong sandwich (you could also use your points towards drinks, cookies, 6 inch sandwiches, etc.) go into your local Subway and pick up your FREE sub!