How to Check Stock of an Item at Target (Target DCPI)

You can check stock of an item at Target.
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Whether you're looking for a location selling a hot new item or just want to make sure essentials are available before you head out, you'll find it handy to know how to check the stock at your preferred Target location. Searching for the product on Target's app or website easily shows you whether it's in stock both online and at physical stores nearby. Other options include using a third-party Target inventory checker website or speaking with a Target employee. Take a look at what to do for these three methods.


Use Official Target Inventory Checker

The company officially recommends using the Target inventory checker feature displayed on the product listing for each item on the app and website. Searching the Target app or website for the product by name, browsing different product categories or even inputting an identifier such as a DPCI (Department-Class-Item) or UPC (Universal Product Code) into the search box should lead you to the item's listing.

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To the right or just below the product's title and price, you'll see any available online and in-store purchase options that each show the current availability. If it's available at your nearest Target store or the default store you set for your Target account, you'll usually see an availability status and the remaining quantity listed for the pickup option; in some markets, you'll see availability for same-day delivery from the store too. You can use the "Change Store" or "Edit Store" link to check the in-stock status at another store.


Try the BrickSeek Inventory Checker

Known as a popular website for checking the inventory of major retail chains, BrickSeek offers Target DPCI lookup and UPC lookup options. The website does have an option that can help locate the DCPI of an item by its name, but it helps to get the DCPI or UPC beforehand. You can obtain either of these from the "Details" part of the product's listing on the Target app or website.

You can access the BrickSeek Target inventory checker to get started. You'll see options near the top of the page to search by DPCI or UPC. If you have one, select the type and enter the identifier you have in the corresponding boxes. Otherwise, click "DPCI finder" to try to look up the product by name. If using the finder, you'll automatically be taken to the product's corresponding page on BrickSeek once you select an item.


With either option, you'll need to input your zip code and then click "Check Inventory" to grab the Target inventory data for your location. You'll see a list of the nearest Target stores sorted by distance along with the availability status and current price. You can use the "Sort by" menu to sort results by things like quantity or price instead of the default distance option.

Call the Specific Target

If the Target stock checker you use shows just one item remaining or limited availability in general at the store, consider calling that Target location before you make the trip. Sometimes, the inventory status may not update quickly enough after the last item gets sold. Also, an employee may have put the item on hold for another customer who called in.


In any case, you can use Target's store finder to get the phone number and press "2" for the option to speak to someone in a specific department. You'll then follow the menu to reach an employee in the area the item is stocked. If you can provide the DPCI or UPC to the employee, they can look up the product in the system more quickly. Otherwise, you can give them the product's name.

If the item's availability is low, consider asking the worker to check the shelf to make sure the product is still there. Depending on the store's policy, the employee may hold the item for you if you plan to come that same day. However, you'll find the store less likely to hold high in-demand items like video game consoles.