How to Rent an Out of State House

You like to spend your summers at the beach or your job got you transferred temporarily--whatever the reason, you need to rent an out-of-state house. With the Information Highway at your fingertips, this task won't be as difficult as it may sound.

Step 1

Decide what areas of the state you want to rent a house in. If you're going there to work, you'll probably want to find a house that's close to your place of employment. If you're vacationing out of state, you may want to be close to the city. Or, maybe you're searching for a rural setting that's away from it all.


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Step 2

Check out web sites like Craigslist, Find Home Rentals and Vacancy Net (see the Resource Section) for out-of-state houses to rent. Visit online newspapers and look in their classified sections to find a rental. Make a list of rental possibilities as you go along.

Step 3

Check real estate companies and look up property management companies too. If you have family, friends or business associates in the city you want to rent a house in, ask them for referrals. Locate the Chamber of Commerce in the city you're searching for a rental. These business offices are a wealth of information for newcomers to the area. Add to your list of possibilities.


Step 4

Contact each landlord to find out the specifics about each house you're considering to rent. Narrow your list of potential houses according to the details you've learned and your specific needs.


Step 5

Arrange to travel so you can see the houses yourself. Alternatively, ask a trusted family member or friend who lives in that area to inspect the premises for you. Ask for photographs or video of the house and property.


Step 6

Decide on a certain out-of-state house to rent. Ask to see the rental contract and read it over carefully before you sign it. If you're not sure of the legalese, have a lawyer look it over.


Be honest when you speak to potential landlords. Tell them if you have kids and/or pets.

Sign a rental agreement for as short of time as possible. That way, if you're dissatisfied with the out of state rental, you won't be stuck in a lease for a long time.



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