How to get a free or discounted haircut

get a free or discounted haircut

Getting a haircut does not have to be expensive. Here are some tips to being able to get a free haircut or a discounted haircut.

Step 1

Getting a simple haircut can be affordable, if you know where to look.

Step 2

For a free haircut, contact local beauty schools. Many offer free haircuts to help students learn. They are supervised by a professional, so the fear factor is lessened a bit.

Step 3

Check out craigslist, as sometimes up and coming stylists will post their request for a subject.

Step 4

If you decide to go with a student, ask if you have a choice of hairstyle and if they require anything from you, such as a before and after picture, etc.

Step 5

Many salons have coupons either in the phone book, listed on back of receipts from grocery stores or in a local coupon clipper magazine. Many of the chains like super cuts, hair cuttery also have coupons on the store recipts.

Step 6

In addition, many have reward punch cards. Take advantage of all discounts available. For example: You use a coupon, saving $3.00 and the cut will now cost $9.99. They also have a punch card that allows buy 5 get 6th free. You use coupons each time you go. After the 5th haircut, you have save $15 and have a free haircut available on your punch card. End result is getting 2 haircuts for free.

Step 7

Find someone who does haircuts on the side. Either because they have another job or retired. The cost is often significantly cheaper and it is done by a professional.