The Best Budget Vacation Spot for Your Zodiac Sign Might Surprise You

We all know that each star sign has characteristics that influence the way you behave and see the world. But have you considering using your zodiac as a guide to literally see the world? These budget travel ideas for your sign will give you serious #wanderlust.


Energetic and dynamic, the perfect holiday for you will be somewhere you can do different things each day. Sidney, Austrailia offers a lively city, the great coral barrier, or bungee jumping.


You are curious, love comfort, and the great outdoors -- but hate planning the details in advance. All-inclusive resorts in Cancun, Punta Cana or Ibiza will be your cup of tea.


You have a restless and versatile personality. Geminis love going to places that keep their mind busy all the time, so check out holidays in São Paulo or New York.


The most sensitive zodiac, you certainly love romance and enjoying the sunset with a good glass of wine. The Tuscany region in Italy will certainly touch your heart.


You care a lot about your own reputation and love being pampered. When planning a trip you should look for the luxury and sophistication of London and Dubai.


You are discreet, intelligent, and organized. You will plan everything before traveling and look for a combination of history and leisure. Places like Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Athens will suit your needs.


You are sociable and love traveling in a group. Your interest in history and art will bring you to places like Machu Picchu or Rome.


You have a strong personality and enjoy your own company, so traveling solo is not a problem. You love water, so waterfalls, rivers, and sea are always in the plans. Try out a Mississippi riverboat cruise!


You are adventurous, curious, and love nature. Sagittarius is always planning the next destination and loves exotic locations! Some tend to have a lively spiritual side, so you can be attracted by mystic destinations like Varanasi, India or Crater Lake in Oregon.


You are focused, organized, and introspective -- so avoid busy destinations. You don't demand luxury, but do appreciate comfort, so try an unexpected spot like Nicaragua.


You are energetic, curious, and sociable. You love places with culture, but can also enjoy yourself at the beach -- as long as you can meet new people. You'll have a great time in Sonoma Vally, California, which offers all of that and more.


Sensitive, romantic and easy going, you like places where you can enjoy your friends and family while relaxing at the beach or surrounded by nature. Niagara-on-the-Lake should catch your attention.