5 Easy Ways to Lower Your Phone Bill

Your phone bill shouldn't cost you a fortune, it's 2016 after all. Do you even use that thing to make phone calls any more? Even if you do, there are lots of apps for that now, like WhatsApp and FaceTime, that only charge you in data usage. Chances are your phone is something you use mostly for text and internet -- so where you might have put all your mobile plan dollars into talk minutes in the past, now you're looking at the best data bundle bang for your buck. Even if you've scoped out the best data deal, but there are other ways you could be saving money on your phone bill. Here are some easy things you can do to lower your phone bill.


1. Keep your service address updated

Did you know that different states have different taxes on your phone bill? In fact, there are nine states where taxes and fees add up to over 20% of a customer's monthly bill. Make sure if you move states you change your address with your service provider. It could lead to considerable savings!

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2. Reconsider your insurance

Phone plans generally come with a built in insurance plan, and a lot of the times you're going to be sold the premium bundle without even knowing it. Call your service provider and ask about your insurance -- you might find that there's cheaper insurance to suit your coverage needs.


3. Call and text using data

As already mentioned above, phone calls are generally a reason for someone to freak out and throw their phone out the window rather than answer. Still, when you're communicating the old fashioned way, try to use data as much as possible. That way you can restrict call and text charges on your phone, and only pay for data. Having one thing to keep an eye on will make your useage easier to monitor too.

4. Audit your plan

Take a close look at your plan, what it gets you, and what your other options are. Carriers change plans and offer new ones all the time. And it might be that the plan you chose a year ago isn't necessarily the plan that suits you today. Most providers are also happy to change your plan to a more suitable one if you ask nicely -- they're more concerned with you staying on as a customer.


5. Use the wifi

When you're out and about, don't use your data. Use everyone else's wifi! Download an app like Wifi Map, which gives you the password to all publicly available wifi around you. Sneaky!