How To Throw A Bachelorette Party Without Losing Your Mind

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Bachelorette parties: Either the best night ever (that you only remember parts of), or the worst night ever (that you wish you didn't remember).

Usually, they're some murky combination of the two, and if you're responsible for planning one, it can suck the fun out of the entire event. Oh, and also: BACHELORETTES=$$. No, really. According to GoBankingRate's 2016 survey, bridesmaids spend an average of $437 on a bachelorette party.

But really, bachelorettes should be fun, stress-free, and affordable. Tips? We got a few.

  1. Use Google Hangouts or Facebook Groups.
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This keeps info flowing and helps avoid the dreaded group texts (no one likes getting 50 text notifications during the debate over what color penis swizzle sticks to go with).

2. Make expenses clear up front with easy spreadsheets that break down the cost.

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Once you have all the party stakeholders gathered, make it clear that you will not be the only one holding the check at the end of the night. Bachelorette parties can get pricey fast, and even if you are one of those lucky individuals that doesn't need to worry about money, you shouldn't have to shoulder the entire cost. Create a spreadsheet to give to each party member breaking down the costs and totals. It might be good to have some expenses/events that people can opt out of to cut costs. For example, you might plan a spa day but make it optional.

3. Have bachelorette attendees pay you up front.

These days there are so many options for transferring money quickly: PayPal, Venmo, Facebook's money-sending feature, or, if you're both members of the same bank, sometimes sending money is as easy as a text.

4. Bulk up on booze!

Before your gathering or trip, head to Costco to buy some booze at major discounts. While you're at it, stock up on snacks, chips, bottled water (or anything else that might help with munchies or a hangover). If you don't have a membership, hit up your group to see if someone else does, or, protip: You don't actually need a membership to buy alcohol at Costco.

5. Try out a beauty/wellness app like Priv to bring services in-house.

If you're near a major metropolitan area, and want to do a beauty day, it could be cheaper to bring in professionals rather than going out to a fancy spa. With Priv, you can book spa services, makeovers, and massages.

6. If you're feeling particularly broke, though, why not create a DIY beauty set up?

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All you need is a trip to the grocery store to get beautiful. Try avocado face masks, hot oil hair treatments, or an exfoliating mask made with oatmeal and grapefruit.

7. If you've got enough lead time, and you're a beauty addict (who isn't?) stock up on Sephora freebies and VIB point gifts to use in goody bags.

Will totally cut down on your costs if you're planning goody bags.

8. Think Airbnb over hotel rooms.

We did a search for a home in Palm Springs that accommodate five people for two nights and found this gem for a total of $909, which breaks down to just $181.80 per person. In comparison, for five people to stay at a nearby boutique hotel, the cost is $1,905, or $381 per person. Big buck savings!