15 Sins All Online Shoppers are Guilty of Commiting

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

You're constantly buying things you don't need because, ugh, these prices are just so good.

Cashmere on clearance? How YOU doin'?

Cashmere on clearance? How YOU doin'?

2. And you catch yourself online shopping at times when you realllllly shouldn’t be shopping.

Aunt Sally would have wanted me to enjoy this sale at ASOS.

3. Your computer perpetually runs ultra-slow thanks to all the shopping cart tabs you have open.

It would be crazy NOT to buy this stuff.

4. And your inbox has way more promotional e-mails than, you know, regular e-mails.

Did you know some people actually filter them OUT?

5.No joke, you are single-handedly responsible for 90% of the package deliveries in your neighborhood.

Oh, good, my blanket scarves are here!

Oh, good, my blanket scarves are here!

6. And there’s a rumor that you’ve entirely gamed all of the world’s shopping apps.

No shame in the shopping game

7. Not to mention, valuable brain space has been lost to memorizing every site that has free returns.

Don't apologize.

8. You also have zero qualms ordering multiples, knowing very well you’ll send half of them back.

That's how it works, that's why shipping is free...

9. Hell hath no fury like you when the item you want is sold out.


10. You know your credit card number by heart, but forget family members’ birthdays.

It's kind of a gift.

11. You’ve likely spent solid months of your life reading online product reviews.

The people need to know.

12. And you’ve spent plenty of unnecessary money just to get free shipping.

I ain't sorry.

13. Professional tracking number stalker? Why yes, that is you.


14. Asking for the WiFi password at someone's house before you even say hello is honestly common practice.

I mean, really.

15. And finally: Shopping in a store? You truly don’t even remember how to do that.

Girl, bye.