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If you're looking for a cost-effective way to travel across North America this summer, you can find Greyhound bus routes that can get you to around 2,400 places and allow for a lot of flexibility with trip planning. This transportation option offers several modern amenities and comes at a cheaper cost than flying. Going Greyhound also saves you from the hassles of driving. Here's what you need to know about traveling by this method including Greyhound bus routes and times, pricing options and rules while on the bus.


How Greyhound Bus Routes Work

Using their own buses and getting help from connecting partners, Greyhound offers routes that can take you between major cities throughout the contiguous U.S., and you can even get bus routes to a limited number of Canadian and Mexican cities closer to the U.S. border. The company offers a bus routes map on its website as well as a page showing Greyhound bus routes and timetables to help plan your trip. You can also find Greyhound bus routes on Google Maps or use a bus routes app to explore your travel options.


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Greyhound bus routes include numerous stops as well as possible layovers. Longer trips usually consist of multiple segments where you'll step off the bus at a Greyhound or partner station and need to wait for a transfer to continue the next leg of your journey. Usually, these layovers aren't long enough to need to get a hotel and stay overnight somewhere, but they can provide some hours to do some sightseeing. It's also common for the Greyhound bus to stop every few hours for everybody to get off and have a meal or otherwise stretch their legs a bit.

Due to the stops and layovers, Canadian, Mexican and U.S. bus routes usually take at least somewhat longer than a car would.


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A Look at Greyhound Pricing

When exploring ticket options for Greyhound bus routes and schedules on their website, you'll find that pricing will vary by several factors such as the purchase method, route distance, type of fare and purchase date. As a rule of thumb, you'll save by buying your Greyhound ticket online far in advance rather than buying a ticket at the station right before leaving. If you're a frequent traveler using Greyhound to commute to work, you can save by getting a QuickLink commuter pass rather than buying individual tickets.


You'll find price differences with Economy, Economy Extra and Flexible fares where each option has specific perks. Economy is cheapest and provides you with the basics, while Economy Extra fares give you priority boarding rights and the ability to exchange tickets. Lastly, Flexible fares come with Economy Extra's perks plus a ticket refund option, and they cost the most.

Take advantage of Greyhound's deals and discounts to save further. For example, students and military members can get at least ​10 percent​ off anytime. The site also runs deals on traveling to certain destinations and offers cheaper fares on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


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What to Expect When You Go Greyhound

To start your bus journey, you'll need to have your ticket that you can buy from the Greyhound website or at a station along with your ID. Using the Greyhound app can speed up the check-in process and allow you to show an e-ticket. You'll usually get to board the bus around ​20 minutes​ before the bus is set to leave, and seating is first-come, first-serve with those with economy tickets having the least priority. If you're wondering, "How many bags can you take on a Greyhound bus?" you'll be able to have two checked bags along with one carry-on bag.


While on the bus, you can expect to ride in a comfortable reclining seat that has sufficient legroom. You'll have access to power and Wi-Fi, an onboard restroom to use and overhead storage for items. You'll be able to buy food at stops or bring your own snacks since meals won't be served on the bus. Also, you won't be able to bring any pets with you unless they're service animals.

You'll need to follow all the Greyhound bus rules and regulations at all times. For example, you'll need to refrain from moving around the bus, smoking, using drugs and alcohol or being unruly. Greyhound also sets some limits on filming or taking pictures while on the bus.

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