Glamping vs. Roughing It

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As the pandemic kept people at home and closed many common places for recreation, people started looking more to spending time in nature to get away. This led to an increase in the desire to camp outside where social distancing was easier. While pitching a tent in the great outdoors and roughing it is an option, glamorous camping – or glamping – offers a luxurious alternative with plenty of options for shelter to consider along with many amenities and entertainment options. Here's what you should know about glamping vs. roughing it camping so you can decide which getaway appeals to your family.


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What Is Glamping All About?

When you think of camping, you probably picture the traditional experience of finding a spot in the woods and setting up a tent with sleeping bags. This roughing it experience usually means disconnecting from everyday amenities and exercising creativity with everything from getting food and water to using the bathroom and showering.


Glamping offers a much different experience where basic glamping tents exist alongside accommodations such as cabins, yurts, huts, tree houses and even fully equipped glamping pods. Another major difference is that you'll usually have access to utilities such as electricity, running water and even the internet when glamping.


When you want to get away from home and spend time in nature with your family, both glamping and roughing it can offer a memorable experience.

Alongside luxurious lodging and convenience, glamping sites often feature plenty of activities that go beyond the basics like fishing, sitting around campfires and swimming. Depending on the glamping location, you might go skiing, go on a wildlife safari, visit a spa, attend parties or enjoy guided tours. You'll find plenty of variety in glamping options for as much of a luxurious experience that you can imagine.


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Pros and Cons of Glamping

Glamping offers a luxurious experience with many of the amenities from home, so it appeals to those who want to enjoy the benefits of nature and deal with fewer discomforts roughing it would involve. This form of outdoor recreation provides the benefits of accessibility and less effort, especially for those new to camping, since you won't have to worry about setting up camping equipment like a tent or seeking necessities like water. While places for roughing it can provide some amenities like places to fish or relax, you're more likely to find luxuries such as gyms, swimming pools and even outdoor movies when glamping.


At the same time, glamping can offer a disadvantage if you'd prefer the traditional roughing it experience of pitching a basic tent, sleeping in nature and disconnecting from everyday amenities. You can also have less variety in where you spend your time since it's easier to set up a tent in a more remote place than locate a glamping destination there. Depending on the types of glamping sites and options you're considering, glamping can put a much higher strain on your budget than roughing it camping.


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Deciding on Glamping vs. Roughing It

When you want to get away from home and spend time in nature with your family, both glamping and roughing it can offer a memorable experience. However, you'll want to think about your preferences for comfort, the types of recreational activities you'd enjoy, your camping knowledge and your budget.


If you find glamping expensive, prefer some additional challenge and want a cheaper option with the most interaction with nature, then roughing it can work if you don't mind doing the extra work and forgoing everyday comforts. On the other hand, glamping comes with fewer hassles both with preparing for and spending your vacation; it also offers the most comfortable vacation if you have the extra cash and don't mind forgoing the traditional camping experience.


If you'd prefer a more budget-friendly experience that falls between glamping and roughing it, keep in mind that you can find places such as Kampgrounds of America that offer both glamorous and traditional camping experiences. For example, traditional campers who rent a site will still get access to important amenities such as restrooms, showers and plenty of recreational activities. You could even split your trip to have a little bit of both camping experiences.

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