COVID Has Put These Jobs in Peril

Image Credit: NataBene/iStock/GettyImages

We hear a lot about remote work and staying home during the pandemic, but for three-quarters of American workers, that's simply not an option. Essential workers are rightly lauded for putting themselves on the line during COVID-19. Unfortunately, COVID-19 may have decimated the future of entire occupations, at least for now.

The workplace review and job board site Glassdoor has just released its 2021 predictions of workplace trends. While the report tackles topics like salary differentials for remote employees, it saves its grimmest news for last: "Because of how the global pandemic has shifted consumer behavior and workplace habits — shifts that may last years if not decades — there are many jobs we do not expect to return en masse for years, if ever."

Many of the jobs found to have the highest rates of decline are in personal services (stylists, pet groomers, coaches), education, and discretionary health care (audiologists, opticians, physical therapists). Nonspecific office roles, like receptionist, intern, and executive assistant, have also faded out fast. Some professions saw as much as a 70 percent drop in employment over the year. Many of the vanishing jobs are the kinds of entry-level work that new members of the workforce tend to rely on before making the leap to more specialized roles.

A lot will depend on how quickly we can beat back COVID to safe levels once and for all, as well as leadership at every level and in every sector. While this is a great time to upgrade and diversify your skillset, we all depend on a healthy economy with room for every person who wants to work.