Jump on Holiday Plane Tickets Right Now

It's technically still summer until Sept. 22, but given the way plane tickets can spike and sell out, there's no time too early to start thinking about holiday travel.

Whether you rely on planes, trains, or automobiles, you're probably taking some big trips during the last few weeks of 2018. Apartment Therapy checked in with ticket clearinghouse Kayak to find out when to get the best deals. Turns out the answer is crystal clear: now. Do it right now. Are you still thinking about it? Buy those plane tickets now.

That's for Thanksgiving travel; historically, domestic flight prices for the end of November drop to their lowest through Sept. 17. According to Apartment Therapy, you'll see a 14 percent increase in plane ticket prices by mid-October. If you're still figuring out your plans for Christmas (or the winter holiday of your choice), you've got a little more time to waffle, but not much. The sweet spot for buying late-December tickets is the third week of September.

Maybe you're considering staying home for the holidays — there's merit in that, but consider the benefits of a really good getaway. Budget airlines don't always mean pared-down service; in fact, some will make flying with your pet safer and cheaper than ever before. You can also plan your trip carefully enough to avoid catching cold from fellow travelers, not to mention follow delays before your airline admits to them. Taking time off is more worthwhile than you ever anticipate. If you're on the fence about the end of the year, now is the time to make a break for it.