Daily Spending Habits We All Need to Break

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Odds are, you wish you saved more money. Odds are, you routinely ask yourself, "what in the world did I spend $300 on?" Odds are, you wish you spent less — or at least spent more wisely.


We could all use a little saving help, and there are some daily expenses that many of us could totally curb. The website Hloom looked at what people are spending (and wasting) money on, in the hopes of helping us all keep better track of our expenses.

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According to the survey, here are just a few things to stop spending your money on; it will make looking at your bank account way less scary.

1. Spending too much on eating out

It's not shocking, but it appears that 70% of men and women admit to wasting money on meals out. How do you fix that? Try making a quota for yourself. Maybe you only allow yourself two meals out per week, choose those means wisely and stick to the plan. You'll end up saving more money than you thought possible.


2. Over-buying groceries

So many of us are guilty of going to the grocery store and buying too much. That ends up leading to a lot of money spent, and a bunch of food rotting away in the fridge. One way to curb this habit is to meal plan, and then only buy what you really need.

3. Racking up credit card interest

Credit card debt is a massive trap. The interest on your cards makes you feel like you're constantly paying money, without making any kind of dent in your debt. Here's the trick: you need to pay more than you minimum every month. Paying off the lowest amount due will keep you perpetually circling the debt drain as you get hit with more and more interest fees. Instead, pay in larger amounts and watch your debt quickly disappear.


4. Buying alcohol

Alcohol is seriously expensive, especially if you're consuming it at a bar or restaurant. The mark-up is insane. The best thing to do is to stick to one drink when you're out. You will thank yourself tomorrow for more reasons than just your happier wallet.

5. Spending on trendy clothes

Yes we all need clothes, but this is definitely a moment where quality matters over quantity. Shy away from the trends, they will be different before your online shopping even arrives in the mail. Instead, stick to better quality, staple pieces — you may spend more per item but you'll get a way longer wear out of them.

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