5 Accounts to Follow on Instagram for Career Inspiration

Instagram inspiration.

Instagram is a treasure trove of inspiration. From food, to travel, to outfits, and books, Instagram offers a never-ending well of images to sort through and be inspired by. Career inspiration, while perhaps less sought after on Insta, is just as present — and there are many people putting out great posts that make us want to buckle down and hustle. Here are a few of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow for career inspo.

1. @bossbabe.inc

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Daily motivational quotes from founder Alexandra Wolf and all the millennial leaders around her. This account peppers your feed with little reminders of why you should chase all those big career dreams.

2. @levoleague

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Levo is all about finding the right career path, and with quotes, stories, inspiring images and interviews their Instagram is a one-stop shop for all things motivational.

3. @fastcompany

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A feed filled with inspiring men and women we should know, whose career success does nothing short of make us want to work harder.

4. @entrepreneur

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Profiles of inspiring entrepreneurs and quotes from those who have gotten their dreams off the ground and soaring.

5. @careercontessa

A career development platform for women, constantly posting things that make us laugh and make us think.