What to Say When You Turn in a Job Application

You can turn in a job application in many ways, including by email, fax or post. However, many employers require applicants to hand in the applications in person. When doing so, a prospective employee might come into contact briefly with the employer, necessitating a short conversation. This is an opportunity for you to briefly introduce yourself to the employer and, by saying the right things, make a good first impression on him.


Identify Yourself

If you see the employer, always shake hands and introduce yourself. Use your full name, although you can mention a nickname -- make sure it's work-appropriate -- if that's the name by which you are usually addressed. If the employer doesn't look to be in a rush, say one or two sentences about yourself, like "I am currently employed at Ace Temp Services" or "I'm a graduate of Smithson State College."


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Express Enthusiasm for Work

After introducing yourself, say a short sentence or two indicating that you are eager to work for the employer's company. Shoot for a tone that combines enthusiasm with respect. For example, a line like "I'd love to have the opportunity to work for you -- I admire your company a great deal" conveys to the employer that you would be committed to the job. If you can be specific, such as mentioning a specific aspect of the company that you admire, this shows that you know something about the business.


Ask a Question

You don't want to take up too much of an employer's time, but if he seems open to a quick discussion, ask him a question about the company. Make sure that it's a well-informed question, one that indicates you've thought about the company. For example, if you're applying to be a construction worker, ask the employer what kind of projects the company specializes in and what skills it most values.


Thank Him for His Time

Before you leave, thank the employer for his time and consideration. Also, tell the employer that if he has any questions he should get in touch with you. These statements show the employer that you are polite and well-mannered. This indicates to him that you would be both a pleasant person to have in the workplace and you would likely be skillful in speaking to customers.