Reasons for Applying to a Job

There are many reasons to apply to a job.
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During a job interview, the interviewer often asks candidates a question such as, "Why do you want to work here?" or, "Why are you applying for this job?" Interviewers want a deeper answer from candidates other than the "I need a job" answer you might have in the back of your mind.


Specificity is key when listing reasons for applying for a job. Prospective employers want to see that you've thought about where you want to work and are not just going to take any job that comes your way. Answering this question requires some thought ahead of the interview date.

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Interests and Skills

You can say that your interests and skills match what your employer needs and wants, suggests the University of Michigan Career Center. All jobs have a required set of skills, usually listed along with the job announcement. As a candidate in the interview, you can emphasize how your skills make you uniquely qualified for the position.


Point out how your abilities and past experience will help you adjust to the workload or the job's responsibilities. Express a passion for the type of career you're about to enter and mention any significant mentors. Genuine enthusiasm may indicate to the employer that you're dedicated to the industry and not just "looking for a job."


Company Knowledge

Researching the company is always a good idea before you attend your interview, and oftentimes it's expected, according to Indeed Career Guide. Answering the question of why you applied involves looking at your research. Find at least several interesting "facts" or pieces of information that you like about the company, such as its history, what it does or its mission.


You can best answer the question by discussing this information with enthusiasm. Show the interviewer you're interested and impressed with the company's direction. Share how your core values align with those of the organization.

Career Progression

Career development is an important reason that may indicate you're likely to stay with the company. You should have no trouble getting the message across if this is a true statement. Developing your career generally means that you want to and/or are willing to hold the position long term, which is what many companies seek. It also indicates that you've carefully thought about the available job and your prospective employer.


Personal Experience

One way to answer the "why you're applying" question is by highlighting your positive experiences with the company or its services. Mention products that you personally use and value. Explain that the company is one for whom you've always wanted to work.


Besides telling the interviewer that it is essentially your "dream company," which makes your answer self-serving, you must also explain how the company can benefit from you. For example, you can say that you waited to apply to the company until you achieved the skills or experience necessary to contribute to the company's growth.