How Many Times Does the Average Person Hit Snooze?

You've heard the expert opinions; the sleep we get after hitting snooze is actually really unfulfilling and even counter-productive. By snoozing we activate something called "sleep inertia," which makes us feel groggy, and fuzzy-headed, and just not awake.

Still, as much as we know that the best thing to do when the alarm goes off is to get up, most of us can probably agree that's much easier said than done. In fact, new research from Sleep Junkie shows that a mere 0.32% of people feel awake when their alarm goes off. As for how many of us hit snooze? About 2/3 of women hit snooze, and a little over half of men hit snooze. As for how many times people press snooze — most snoozers hit it once or twice, but 6.31% of women 5.65% of men say they hit snooze more than three times. We get it, it's hard not to.

But why are so many of us hitting snooze? Honestly, it's because we're just not getting enough sleep. The key to fixing it all is getting more rest. Experts suggest going to bed roughly 30 minutes earlier to start chipping away at that tired feeling, and always, always getting (at the very least) six hours of sleep per night.

If you can't figure out a way to stop hitting snooze, here's a life hack: hide your alarm clock. It might feel silly but the persistent beeping will force you out of bed, and hopefully push away that persistent groggy feeling.