9 Jerks Everyone Works With and How to Deal With Them

Image Credit: Poike/iStock/GettyImages

Every office has them.

1. The Office Gossip

All they want to do is sit around all day and talk about any and everyone. They'll make it their business to know all the office tea and make sure everyone else knows too. How to deal with this special breed: just stay far away from them. Don't fall into the trap.

2. The Ass-Kisser

We all know this type. They will literally follow the boss around and make sure they impart their opinions during every team meeting. They are down to do whatever it takes to get ahead. They are the first to volunteer to do something and the last to leave the office in the evening. Here's how you handle them: use them to do the work that you didn't want to do in the first place.

3. The Know-It-All

They think that they have all of the answers and can never be wrong. Know-it-alls care nothing about other people's suggestions and ideas. They put themselves on this pedestal that doesn't even exist and make sure you hear everything that they have to say at all times. Make sure to do this: make your voice heard and knock them off their pedestal with your wealth of knowledge. Show them who's really the know-it-all but doesn't have to flaunt it.

4. The Super Anxious/Emotional

Any and everything will freak this person out and have them throwing a temper tantrum like they're 2 years old. They'll be the first to go pop a Xanax at work so that they can calm their nerves. Here's how to deal: validate their feelings and make them feel like they matter and are appreciated. Basically, butter them up.

5. The Slacker

These jerks just show up to collect a paycheck, nothing more nothing less. They do the bare minimum of what's required of them and never have any input during the meetings. They're the ones on a project team who do nothing. To deal with the slackers in your office, make sure you're not associated with them in anyway. During team projects, confront them about their laziness.

6. The Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers

They're always complaining about everything under the sun. They hate their job but won't do anything about it. They change the entire mood in the breakroom during lunch with all their negativity. With these types of people, you're best to just agree with them to the point of excess; they'll look at you like you're crazy and start rattling off the positives about the situation. Reverse psychology works wonders.

7. The Inquisitive One

They show too much interest in other people's affairs. They want to know everything about you, including what's going on in your personal life. What'd you have to breakfast, where'd you go this weekend, dating anyone new? How to deal: Simply change the subject or start asking them about their inner most personal experiences. See how much they like it when the tables are turned.

8. The Sneaky Sneak

This type will do whatever it takes to throw you under the bus. They go behind your back (or in front of you) to try and ruin your reputation, or worse, get your fired. They're so busy worrying about what everyone else is doing that they almost forget the reason why they're there — to actually do work. This is how you deal with these manipulators — make sure to have an old fashioned 'come to Jesus' talk with them and call them out on their BS. Just do it straight up and I bet that you'll never hear a peep from them again. When these people are checked by someone else, they cower like little minions.

9. The Fake Boss

They are always trying to control something that they have no business controlling. They want to be the boss so bad but actually suck and have no managerial skills. During team projects, they always try to take the lead. Here's how you deal with them: ignore their antics. Shut them down and remind them that they're not your boss.